Capispalla invernali: giubbotti o cappotti? Ecco la guida all’acquisto

Winter outerwear: jackets or coats? Here is the buying guide

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If you are unsure whether to buy a jacket or a coat to be cool during the cold season , don't worry. In this article I solve any doubts about men's outerwear for winter!

"Would I like a coat, or is a jacket better?"

Men who have the only rule of always being elegant and impeccable have no doubt:
in winter you wear a coat!

Fashionistas can not help but look to the vests to follow the fashion on the models and colors of the season.
The colorful duvets are perfect for a glamorous daytime look.

The coat is a must in any men's wardrobe that wants to be elegant even in winter, but it is suitable for any type of look and style , as long as you know how to choose the right model for the occasion. The watchword is to enhance your body !

Which coat model to choose?

Coat over the jacket

If you need a coat to wear over the jacket you have to choose between 3 models:
Men's Chesterfield Coat, Men's Classic Coat, Men's Short Coat.
The Topcoat coat is a light wool coat with a long and slender silhouette. The Chesterfield type coat is the best known of this type. You recognize it by the medium-sized lapels, the two horizontal welt-cut flap pockets, a breast pocket at heart height and the rear slit. This coat comes above the knee. It will be the right choice to attend the ceremonies.
This type is worn both over the dress and with jeans if you aim for a street style look. This coat is not recommended for spending a day outside because it will not keep you warm enough, but it is perfect for covering up while on the move, I can already see you very elegant as you get out of the car and go to the restaurant.

MANUEL RITZ gray duffle coat

The classic men's coat has a hood . If you want to buy a more versatile garment, choose a model with a detachable hood. The main features of this type of models are: the stitched yoke, the side pockets, the pockets cut at chest height and the mid-thigh length. The classic model comes with a wide line. With this model you can be both comfortable and elegant at the same time.

The short coat is worn only if the jacket is no longer long and the cuffs of the sleeves do not come out. This choice is for those who like to present themselves with a more casual look, but it is good to reserve it for non-formal contexts.

The winter coats

The Overcoat coat is the equivalent of the jacket, which is why it is more thoughtful. It is always a wool shrug . For length there is maximum choice above and below the knee. In this case, the possibilities are extended because the Overcoat coat can be single or double-breasted. The double-breasted is the most stylish and elegant solution. To be really cool, this type of coat is worn with a scarf.
If you love retro and formal elegance, choose the Caban coat to face the winter. It is an elegant wool coat available in both single and double-breasted. It is shorter than the classic cotton trench coat and does not have a belt at the waist so as not to weigh down the figure too much and hinder movement.

Montgomery macro check MANUEL RITZ An iconic and inevitable coat in every wardrobe is the Montgomery coat , made with warm, thick and thick duffel wool. The most sought after model is the one with closed hood and frogs. For the winter you have to opt for a model with a padded, warm and enveloping lining.

At the end of winter, when the days start to heat up, it's time to show off the deconstructed coat .

Men's coat, what color to choose it?

For men's coats oriented on the 6 basic colors: black, gray, blue, camel, white and check

  • The black coat is the most versatile as a combination, so it is a real must.
  • The blue or gray coat immediately gives a refined and elegant air, it is good for both work and leisure.
  • The camel coat is only beautiful if it is well made. Choose it in a bright color and characterized by fine detail.
  • the white coat is casual chic, ideal for giving a tone to informal situations.
  • The check coat is to be worn strictly on solid color trousers.

Choose the coat according to the physique

The longitudinal seams streamline the shape, the double-breasted increases the volume of the trunk , while the belt highlights the width of the waist. Knowing the effects that certain details give to your shape will help you choose the perfect coat for you.

MANUEL RITZ blue mélange waist belt coat

The coat made with soft wool and without patch pockets helps to slim the figure. In this case it is better to opt for dark colors.
If you want to emphasize the shape of the chest and shoulders, choose a model with a belt at the waist . You will enhance your figure and your masculinity. Even the double-breasted increases the volume of the shoulders and chest, for you who are a super sportsman it is ideal!
The long coat is perfect worn by tall guys. For everyone else it is good to choose a short coat or the classic that reaches mid-thigh.

How to match the coat

For the classic combination between the coat and the elegant outfit there is only one tip:
be careful to match the colors!
The coat, however, can become the highlight of your urban street style
paired with jeans and sneakers or combat boots.
The coat with important lapels is worn in the evening ,
get noticed is a must!

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