Trend Man, passion for Italian tailoring

TrendUomo is a modern tailoring shop, but with solid roots: we have always been attentive to fashion and clothing trends. We take care of each of our dresses with obsessive care, adding details, personalizing each garment on the wearer, making it a part of ourselves. Every dress, every shirt and even every sock is as if it were a part of us and we take care of it in the best way.

TrendUomo is directed by Manuel, who has always been in the clothing sector, a real passion, more than a profession.

TrendUomo is a tailor's shop and you can come and visit us, we will be happy to show you our latest collections, to hear your ideas and give you the attention you deserve.

We are a small company, and for this reason we want to give you joy in dressing garments sewn to your needs .