Terms and conditions

All you need to know for your conscious shopping on TrendUomo

Before making your purchase, please read the trenduomo.it terms and conditions of sale

  1. Products
    The product sheets are made using the official information of the manufacturers. The technical data sheets and images, therefore, may differ from reality in small details: companies reserve the right to make improvements to their products without necessarily having to communicate it to distributors. We are always careful to stay up to date with the information we publish, but it may happen that some data is not completely compliant. The most common case is the color change of the object. If you receive a different product than expected, do not worry, contact us and we will resolve the situation together. See Returns and complaints (point 11)

  2. Payment
    The accepted forms of payment are:

    A) Bank transfer
    This operation involves a cost, which depends on the conditions you have stipulated with your bank. Remember to indicate in the reason for the transfer the name of the person holding the order (the name with which you registered on the site), the name of the item you are paying for and the order number.

    You can also use the bank transfer for orders placed by email, after making arrangements with Manuel at info@trenduomo.it
    The order will be shipped the same day the transfer will be credited (from 1 day if the bank from which the transfer is made is part of the same circuit to 3/5 days for other banks).

    C) By credit card
    The card payment system is the most immediate, as it takes place via a secure and reliable digital money transfer platform. For maximum security of the transaction, the payment takes place without transmitting your data to us: you will use your credit card or your account directly on the digital platform. Furthermore, this digital platform acts as a third party, it is the guarantor of the movement of sums, making the payment of the product definitive only upon delivery of the same. The specific information on the security systems of the digital platform is available on the payplug official website

  3. Invoice
    If you wish to receive an invoice for your purchases, fill in your personal data sheet complete with all the data at the time of registration, or send them by email to info@trenduomo.it. We try to satisfy all requests, but due to legal procedure it is impossible to provide an invoice to those who request it late with respect to the date of purchase.

  4. Shipment
    Shipping costs depend on the type of product and the destination of the goods. It may happen that after logging in or during the purchase process, if you change the delivery address, the shipping costs are recalculated. If you are buying a large machine, or a particularly heavy object, ask for a personalized estimate on shipping costs. Contact Valentina using the appropriate form.

  5. Deliveries
    We have agreements with several couriers to ship all over the world in a reasonable time and at reasonable prices. Most of the products you find on the site are delivered in Italy in 5/10 days. Deliveries are not scheduled on holidays and at the end of the week. The machine tools and the most delicate equipment are shipped directly from the manufacturers, which guarantee an ad hoc transport. We have chosen this solution because in this type of shipments the percentage of the damage from the transport of the goods is practically nil.

  6. Accept with reserve
    trenduomo.it entrusts product deliveries to couriers who have proven to be the most reliable and punctual, to guarantee you an excellent service, from the first click to the arrival of the package at its destination. However, problems of any kind can occur. We invite you to:

    1) report any delays in the delivery of the object with respect to the expected times.

    2) ACCEPT WITH RESERVE if the packaging has dents, tampering or signs that could suggest that the product may have suffered transport damage. Take a picture of the packaging and the newly opened product. This material will be used as a testimony to the courier. In any case, we will promptly compensate you for the damage, evaluating whether it is necessary to replace the object, send you spare parts or pay a refund in money.

  7. Warranty
    All products for sale on trenduomo.it are covered by a legal guarantee, which concerns a possible problem at the origin of the product. The guarantee translates into the replacement or repair of the object. At the time of purchase, a sales receipt is issued which certifies the purchase and is valid to take advantage of the warranty service. If you have lost your receipt, request a copy from the customer service info @ trenduomo.it .
    The guarantee is valid for 24 months in the case of a consumer good for private use, while the coverage drops to 12 months if it is an instrumental to the exercise of one's business, commercial, craft or professional activity, in which it is required indication of the VAT number (purchase with invoice).

  8. Returns and complaints
    If the product you have received does not satisfy you, contact us and explain the nature of your dissatisfaction. Together we will find the most suitable solution: we can replace the product or you can make a return and we will refund the amount spent. We remind you that you can return the products and ask for a full refund only if the products are new, never used and with the original packaging. If the product has been used, you can still return it, our technician will evaluate the status of the product and quantify its value.