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Men's shorts, how to combine bermuda shorts with shoes to be impeccable

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The outfit with Bermuda shorts is very much in vogue. Sneakers , moccasins or lace -ups, read here which shoes to match with Bermuda shorts

The perfect match for shorts

The outfit with Bermuda shorts is very much in vogue, but you have to be careful not to make mistakes. With shorts you can easily opt for a more sporty look by proposing them with a colored polo shirt or for a casual and urban street combination with fun T-Shirts . This item of clothing lends itself to many styles because it is very practical and free from rigid schemes.

The short shorts allow you to present yourself with a decidedly more relaxed figure, the line of the Bermuda shorts softens volumes and silhouettes without giving you back a disheveled and inadequate air. Just follow some style tricks, here are the Men's Trend secrets for an impeccable outfit .

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Matching Bermuda shorts with shoes

Bermuda shorts call canvas or boat shoes in their classic combination. These shoes are strictly worn without socks or with ghosts. Making a mistake is an unforgivable mistake of style.

If you are sneaker-addicted too, don't worry, wearing shorts with this type of shoes is the top. The must-have of the summer are the white sneakers , at Trend Uomo you can find them with the heel tab in different colors. The socks discourse, in this case, does not foresee middle ground, or you dare to wear clearly visible socks or you choose totally invisible footpegs.

For a completely different mood you can opt for moccasins. In this case, the golden rule is to choose a color that recalls the color of the shirt or an element of the same fantasy. With the moccasin you have to say goodbye to the sock.

A classic that returns from the 90s is to combine shorts with lace-up shoes , to bring the look towards a form of elegance that is not too formal, suitable for the summer. Again, if you wear socks, make sure they are completely invisible.

Surely you have to forget the flip flops , suitable only for going to the pool!

On vacation you are allowed to wear sandals . Also in this case you have to follow some rules in order not to fall into style errors. The sandals must be of possibly dark skin and with not too thin laces. In this way the foot will still be sufficiently covered while you enjoy the coolness of the open shoes.

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Matching bermuda shorts with sweaters

Bermuda shorts are sportswear items. Green light to combine with T-Shirts , with a choice of patterned or solid color prints. Obviously, the combination possibilities are greater if you choose a solid color Bermuda shorts . You will be much more limited if you choose patterned shorts. The golden rule is: never combine two too flashy patterns.

The trend this summer is the T-Shirt with ironic and fun prints . If you love satire you will find the t-shirt that's right for you in the Men's Trend collection.

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Matching Bermuda shorts with shirts

If you love the urban lifestyle look, it's time to dare and combine Bermuda shorts with shirts . You may have heard that shorts and shirt are not a recommended outfit, but by now all the big fashion houses have cleared this style: everyone loves Bermuda shorts and raise your hand who has never thought of wearing them with a shirt!

You can also think about wearing a jacket with Bermuda shorts , watching the fashion shows by now we have understood that it is an established style that gives a nice fit to any type of physicality.

Combining the Bermuda shorts with the long-sleeved shirt gives the look a more refined look, the sleeves of the shirt can be rolled up to better withstand the high temperatures.

What color to choose the shirt? Wearing a white shirt and Bermuda shorts you are certainly not wrong! Go ahead also for colored shirts , reminding you not to overdo it by combining different patterns.

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The right length of Bermuda shorts

The length of the trousers is what defines the type of model.

  • Short: trousers above the knee, perfect for sports
  • Bermuda: trousers just above the knee, perfect for any occasion
  • Capri : ankle-length trousers, for a retro and romantic look to be worn only on vacation

Each of this type of trousers has its own precise style rules.

The width of the leg of the shorts is also very important. The models on which to opt have a slightly tight leg, which allows a more composed fit and does not create volume problems in the overall silhouette.

Bermuda shorts, with side pockets or without?

Bermuda shorts with side pockets definitely look sportier, so it's best to wear them when looking for a more relaxed and comfortable look. Also in this case we have an almost imperative advice: the pockets are for decorative purposes only, they should not be filled to avoid visible clutter around the legs and strange rattling while walking.

It is also good to remember that shorts with side pockets give tall and muscular men, Bermuda shorts without pockets give everyone.

Bermuda, what colors are in fashion

There is no doubt about the fashion colors of the season: the trendiest are the white or blue Bermuda shorts . These colors are very classic, but offer great potential to create all kinds of combinations, from the most colorful to tone on tone.

If you love color you can be more daring, just pay attention to too flashy patterns and fluorescent colors, banned from fashion for some years now.

The most sought-after fabrics for shorts

Cotton and linen, natural and high quality fabrics are preferred. It is not just an aesthetic choice, but comfort, to face the hot summer sun with style.

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