Look Urban Street per combattere il freddo

Urban Street look to fight the cold

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The urban street style for men's fashion continues to go crazy. The 3 men's fashion trends to imitate Sweaters and sweaters, strictly worn next to the skin Amphibians and sturdy shoes, even with showy soles...

The urban street style for men's fashion continues to go crazy. The new trends confirm the love of fashion for this style, proposed in different variations from the most casual chic to pure street style.

Must have of masculine style icons

Here we shed some light on the coolest fashion looks to imitate. We take inspiration from Fashionista's and models to find the outfit that fits us perfectly. Eyes are made to look, let's give a reason to have all eyes on you!

Fashion tips for men

The first rule for a remarkable streetwear trend look is to be daring with the “contrast”.

Black sneakers and elegant trousers

With casual and elegant pants wear sneakers,
with light-colored trousers put on a dark jacket, on plain-colored trousers put on shocking shirts.

Even the classic long coat becomes underground when worn with sneakers and a turtleneck sweater that peeks out in contrast.

Cargo-style garments have a magical rejuvenating power, combine them with each other for a gritty and determined look.

The new menswear to be copied is the old style, but only with a maniacally curated hairstyle and attention to detail.

What a man must wear to be fashionable

DANIELE FIESOLI fluo yellow crewneck sweater

By observing the models you can get interesting insights into current fashion.
This is the year of the sweaters. Colored, with a high collar or with a coarse weave blade. Winter greyness contrasts with a colorful shirt worn with a beautiful smile. Green light also to sweatshirts. If you love the oversize effect in t-shirts, it's your year, even in the fashion world they can't do without it anymore.
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Oversize, is it still wearing?

We just gave the green light to oversized sweaters and sweatshirts, but let's put a stop to the use of oversized down jackets. Replace them with Montgomery coats, definitely more current and perfect for showing off a neo dandy street style look.
See our Montgomery coats, get them in all colors to change every day.

MANUEL RITZ gray duffle coat
Montgomery macro check MANUEL RITZ
MANUEL RITZ white duffle coat

Fashion pants

Comfort is in fashion this year, but with style. The trousers with drawstring at the waist are as comfortable as the sweatpants, but gives a decidedly more refined look. Combine it with a duvet and you will be the coolest of the evening.

See all our selection of trousers , the trousers are available in 2 colors, black and blue. Alternatively you can try the Jonny model trousers, available in different patterns.

Jonny MICHAEL COAL model trousers

Go ahead for check, checks and micro polka dots. There is so much color in the fashion of the year. Checks are also back on jackets, the characteristic elements of the English style are trendy, such as check fabrics, because you know, old loves are never forgotten ... take a look at the new models of men's jackets

Black trousers model Jonny MICHAEL COAL

Jeans, which models to choose?

If you can't help but wear jeans, go too far! After the summer trend of wearing the basic line, now the new rule is totally the opposite. Yes to tears and washes that create spots of color. Full speed ahead with slim fit models that enhance shapes. I recommend the choice of the brand: the leather windlass clearly shows what you are wearing.

Blue wash jeans Lvd05 Milano DW DENIM
Black jeans Lvd05 Milano DW DENIM
Light blue jeans Lvd05 Milano DW DENIM

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For a truly remarkable look, wear your inseparable jeans with combat boots.

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The 3 men's fashion trends to imitate

Here are the 3 items of clothing that you absolutely must have and wear in order not to make the wrong outfit this winter:
1. Sweaters and sweaters, strictly worn next to the skin
2. Amphibians and sturdy shoes, even with showy soles
3. Pants inside the boots

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